Aimes Professional Gellak starter set


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Product Description
The new gel polish starter set from Aimes saves you hours of sitting at the nail salon. In the extensive set you will find everything you need to make your nails shine.

The new nail dryer from Aimes has 30 powerful 88 Watt LED UV lamps. This will make the nails of your hands or feet dry and hardened in no time. The lamp is equipped with motion sensors so that the nail dryer is automatically switched on and off and there is room to put two hands together. So you no longer ruin your freshly painted nails on buttons or lack of space! Thanks to the 4 timers of 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds, you can decide what works best for you. In addition, you cannot ignore the beautiful design of the lamp, making it a party to do your nails every time!


4 x 15 ml gel polish in the colors: old pink glitter, light red, bordeaux, nude
Base coat
Top coat
Nail polish remover
Gel remover finger tips set
10 x gel remover pads
Goat’s paw
Nail file
Boomerang file
Polishing block


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