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Product Description
No need for a nail salon! From now on you can easily let your nails shine with the polygel starter kit from Aimes. With a few easy steps you will never have unkempt nails again. The products are professional, nail friendly, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

With the new polygel kit from Aimes you no longer need to visit the nail salon. The polygel is suitable for both professional use and beginners. Our kit includes 3 tubes of 60ml polygel! In contrast to the normal amount of 30ml. Since this is a starter kit you have enough gel to practice and become a true nail artist.

It is an innovation in the world of cosmetics! Gel nails are made of acrylic polymer with the addition of dyes. This gel is generally slightly thicker than a classic gel nail polish. These gel nails only dry under a UV lamp, so that the gel nails adhere quickly and get a beautiful shine. The advantage of polygel nails; no pieces come off, stays shiny, lasts 3 to 4 weeks and above all is easy to apply!

* Saving money and time *
Thanks to the 60ml polygel you have enough material to live with beautiful nails for a long time. Since applying is incredibly easy, you no longer need a nail salon. This saves you both time and money!

1 – Clean your nails. Washing, filing and polishing…. a good manicure always starts with these 3 steps. Always file in one direction, this will damage the nail less. Then treat the cuticles and then polish the nail. The polishing block smoothes your nails and removes small imperfections.
2 – Apply a layer of Base Coat, without getting on the cuticles (go well along the edge of the nail). Cure for 30/60 seconds under a UV / LED lamp.
3 – Choose the size of your artificial nails and spread the gel well over the entire nail. The layer should be neither too thick nor too thin. Use the brush soaked in the slip solution to spread the gel more easily. Put the artificial nail on your nail and push it.
4 – Cure for 30/60 seconds under a UV / LED lamp and always keep pushing on the artificial nail until you feel the artificial nail is firmly attached.
5 – After curing, remove your finger from the lamp and wait for 30 seconds. Then you remove the tip / shape from right to left in 2/3 movements. Choose the desired length of the nail by cutting and filing.
6 – Apply a layer of Top Coat on each nail, without getting on the cuticles (go well along the edge of the nail). Cure for 30/60 seconds under a UV / LED lamp.

Do not leave your products next to the UV / Led Lamp to prevent the light from drying out your gel nail polish.

Content :
✔ 1 pocket size lamp 8W
✔ 1 slip solution – liquid solution to shape the gel polish
✔ 3 brushes
✔ 1 goat’s leg
✔ 1 polishing block
✔ 1 nail file
✔ 1 box with 100 artificial nails
✔ 3 tubes of polygel 60 ml in pink, white & clear
✔ 1 base coat
✔ 1 top coat
✔ Wrapped as a personal gift


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